The 5 Most In-demand Creative Jobs

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If you think creative jobs such as design or writing are impossible gigs to get, think again. Creative staffing agency Vitamin T compiled the top five most in-demand creative jobs in North America, as well as the skills needed to get the job. Companies of every size and type need creative individuals to help their business grow, and these roles top the list of most needed.
“We’ve seen a surge of new job opportunities in the creative space requiring high-demand digital skills,” says Susie Hall, president of Vitamin T. “Our fastest-growing areas are creative talent who bring strong user experience and frontend development skills, with growth rates of 51 and 75 percent respectively over the prior year.”

Here are the five most in-demand creative jobs:
1. Design and user experience
Key skills needed: Ability to employ design principles to reach a targeted audience of users effectively.
Average annual salary: Design — $81,000, user experience — $94,000
What they do: Designers develop and obtain images for creative projects such as advertisements, brochures, corporate identity, packaging, presentations, websites, promotional displays and signage. Their responsibilities may include managing the design, layout and formatting of materials, as well as developing concepts and communication with other creative roles.
User-experience designers use data to generate interactive experiences for specific audiences. They are responsible for understanding what the user wants and incorporating user-analysis information and feedback into the mechanics of a website. Their responsibilities may include testing and improving the usability and quality of a user experience. They must have an expert understanding of graphic design and web technologies.

2. Frontend development
Key skills needed: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, with the ability to design for multiple user platforms, including mobile.
Average annual salary: $75,000
What they do: Frontend developers work with Web-based applications and website maintenance. They often collaborate with designers to create websites, microsites, HTML emails and interactive ads. Their responsibilities may include writing Web pages and coding, and they must be proficient in Web technologies such as user-interface design.

3. Content development
Key skills needed: Copywriting for a wide range of deliverables, from print ads to blogs to social media.
Average annual salary: $70,000
What they do: Web content managers and writers develop online projects and create website content, including articles, product descriptions, online advertisements, promotional copy, e-newsletters, blogs and podcast scripts. These roles also ensure that content is consistent with company branding. Responsibilities may include writing and editing copy for print and the Web, as well as developing marketing efforts such as email marketing campaigns.

4. Project management
Key skills needed: Knowledge of digital technologies, and outstanding time management and persuasion skills.
Average annual salary: $74,000
What they do: Project managers oversee production of creative ideas and manage the logistics. Their duties may include project planning, workflow management, vendor negotiation, print buying, cost control, quality control, logistical coordination and press checks. This role often requires experience working under tight deadlines and budgets, as well as a thorough understanding of corporate/brand guidelines.

5. Digital marketing
Key skills needed: Ability to integrate online marketing across all outlets, from websites to social media, and strong analytical skills.
Average annual salary: $67,000
What they do: Digital marketing includes a variety of roles, such as digital strategist, interactive marketing manager, digital marketing strategist and digital project manager. Responsibilities may include developing website user experience strategies and leading website usability testing across all phases of site development.